May 31, 2013


If you have attended the Vintage Chicks Sale in the past.. please  mark your calendar for June 21st 4 -8pm and Saturday June 22nd 9 -4 at The Priddis Community Hall, Priddis Alberta..  An awesome lineup of vendors ..   For 


There is a new sale this year.. LOOK


location:   Priddis Community Hall
                      Priddis Alberta, Canada

Friday :    June 21st     4 - 8pm

Saturday:  June 22   9 -4 pm       $4.00

Chalk paint demos at    7pm  Friday
and                                     11 am and 2pm Saturday

Bring your bf, shopping cart, smiles and let's have some fun !!!!
Food concession on site,   wheelchair access

February 23, 2013

UPDATE!!! 2013 Vintage Chicks Sale

an update for you regarding our sale this spring in Priddis, Alberta.

Laura one of the Vintage Chicks is taking a break because she has opened up a new shop in Coaldale, Alberta and needs to focus her time there right now. 
Please pop by & check out la TaDa!
So The Vintage Chicks Sale is on hold for this year 

BUT,  Pam the other Vintage Chick is hosting a new spring sale at the same location under a separate name called  VINTAGE WITH FLAIR.  The sale will be Friday, June 21, 4 - 8pm  and Saturday, June 22, 9 - 4pm at The Priddis Community Hall.   If  you need further info please visit

Looking forward to a great event so we hope to see you at Vintage with Flair !!


Laura & Pam

The Vintage Chicks

December 13, 2011

Hold Tight! We're Redecorating Around Here!

We're doing a little renovating here at The Vintage Chicks Blog!  Stay tuned!

The Vintage Chicks
Laura and Pam

June 6, 2011

Meet the Vendors

Well it's almost here! Here's a few more vendors you'll see at the sale:


Joy has been an avid collector of antiques and collectibles since she was a teenager. Over the years, she has acquired many items with the dream of opening an antique store in her retirement but she thought “Why wait?” She's very excited about being a part of the Vintage Chicks sale, and to have the opportunity to offer you all the wonderful items she has found, researched and had collected over the years.

Her passion is not limited to one type of collectible or to any specific era, however, she finds herself drawn to the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s. During these eras, the items which were produced were innovative for their time, practical, yet still pretty. She loves using vintage kitchenwares and is convinced her cooking and baking are better for it. Is it any wonder that you go into home stores now, and see a multitude of products that are made to replicate the vintage ones? Why use a replica, when the vintage ones have stood the test of time!

Make sure to pop in to her boutique booth where you'll find a great selection of dressers, end tables, china cabinets, kitchen chairs, armchairs, various styles of cabinets, and much more. Her furniture has been restored, refinished and repurposed for today’s lifestyles. In addition to furniture she has a great selection of vintage kitchenware, chandeliers, light fixtures, retro desk fans and beautiful serving dishes that will beautify your home and to beautify you she also has vintage aprons, hats, gloves, purses and cat eye glasses. Joy is a new vendor to our sale so make sure to pop in & say Hi, she'd love to meet you.

Here's some of the items Joy will have at the sale:










Susan - Hot Rocks

Susan is one of our local (Bragg Creek) artisans at this year's sale. She has always loved collecting interesting vintage objects, retro girly stuff and kitchen kitsch. She started making jewellery 5 years ago, and was immediately drawn to vintage glass beads, retro lucite beads and especially the stunning sparkly vintage Swarovski crystals! These are gorgeous little pieces of art from days gone by, hailing from countries known for their fabulous beads such as West Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Japan and Austria. Her love of antiquing inspired her to add unique, small vintage treasures such as buttons, chandelier crystals, miniature perfume bottles, shoe buckles, vintage clasps and chains as well as old jewellery parts, into her creations. By combining various contemporary beads, artisan glass beads and semi-precious stones, with beautifully made old beads and interesting objects from the past, she creates vintage inspired designs with a modern edge. She loves to incorporate a little retro glam or a small piece of history into each of her pieces. Her jewellery designs have a story to tell!

Hot Rocks one of a kind jewellery designs, and are handcrafted by Susan. Check out her booth inside at the sale. Here's some pics of her gorgeous creations.


See you this weekend!!!

Laura & Pam
The Vintage Chicks

May 21, 2011

21 more days - The Vintage Chicks Sale

Well it's almost here, The Vintage Chicks annual sale! Meet some of our great vendors from last year as well as some exciting new vendors.

Everything Toile is back again this year, yeah! Inspiring French vintage inspired home d├ęcor, re-finished furniture and creations of art. Soft, muted tones, shabby styled musings that bring to us back to old France. Jenny, Kelly and Caroline strive to create items for your home or work space that inspire you to take the time to think of simpler times when the surroundings were luxe, ornate and full of wonder. Whether it be refinished pieces of furniture or paper art, the result is always something that we feel we would be proud to display in our homes. 

Here's one of our new vendors, meet Janet...

The Accidental Artist

Janet McCullough is a stay-at-home Mom who found her passion for Glass Mosaic Art merely by accident one day. Starting out with one old barnwood window, river rocks and coloured glass, Janet's collection of one quickly turned into several pieces for friends and family.

With one Art Show under her belt and a successful summer at the local Farmer's Market, you can find Janet busily working away at her Art Studio on Main Street in Cochrane, Alberta. Janet's unique Glass Mosaic Art is transformed by using reclaimed materials such as glass vases, old picture frames or old windows, beads rocks and wire hangers. What's old is new for Janet!

Please come and visit the "Accidental Artist" at 420 1st St. West, Cochrane, AB. Or join me on Facebook as The "Accidental Artist" Studio. You can also contact Janet at (403) 851-0633 or at


Also we have the great Amy from Amy Nicole Catering back again. It's so refreshing to have something besides burgers & fries, no greasy spoon food here.  Check out this year's yummies...

-pulled BBQ beef on bacon brioche
-yam wedged with roasted garlic lime chipotle aioli
-gourmet sandwiches and wraps
-muffins, scones, biscotti, granola bars
-maple sausage and egg breakfast burritos
-loaded baked potatoes
-5 bean salad
-beet broccoli grapefruit roasted pumpkin seed salad
-triple chocolate and seed ganache brownies
-lemon coconut cream cheese cookie sandwiches

See you June 10 & 11!!!
Laura & Pam
The Vintage Chicks

January 12, 2011

Are you a Vintage Chick? APPLICATION included

Do you see potential in the worn, torn & tarnished? Are you passionate about antiques? junking? thrift stores? flea markets? Do you love to restyle your found treasures to new purpose? Do you have the eye to collect amazing collectibles to resell? Do you love creating unique/one-of-a-kind creations? Are you an artisan looking for an amazing event to highlight and sell your art/craft? Do you love mixing your art/craft with antiques/collectibles? Do you enjoy designing fabulous displays showcasing your antiques/collectibles/creations in a visually appealing way? Have you been to the Farm Chicks show in Spokane and loved it? I'm always amazed at the effort and attention to detail that goes in to their displays. Every booth is so creative and always stunning! It's because the vendors are so passionate about what they do, is that you? Have you always dreamed of having your very own boutique, well here is your chance, you are a candidate to be a Vintage Chick in our second annual Vintage Chicks Sale.

Below is sale information and our application, please copy into an email, fill out the details and email to If you have any questions don't hestitate to email us. Hope to hear from you soon.

The Vintage Chicks – Antiques, Repurposed Vintage & Artisan Sale
Vendor Application 2011

Your Name:

Business Name:


City, Province, Postal Code




How did you hear about us?

Have you been to our show or one like we are describing? (eg. Farm Chick Show in Spokane)

Any shop or show experience?

We do welcome applicants who have little or no experience.

Please provide a description & pictures of your merchandise along with a detailed description of your booth design. Since we don't have tables at our sale please describe your creative ideas for displaying your goods. The more details the better! Please be aware that we do not allow new commercial items to be sold, a limited amount of 2nd had commercial is fine. Merchandise must be vintage or hand made by the seller.

As stated, photos are required as a part of the application process. Please email photos representing your style and what you would like to sell. Tip: Display style is very important to us when reviewing applications. Displays should look well thought out, as if for a darling little shop or boutique. If your photos are large, please, only 2 per email. We would like to recommend opening a flickr account and posting your pictures there (very user friendly) then email us the link to your flickr account so we may view your photos there.

Please note: We will not be able to consider your application until we receive your pictures.

Applications are currently being accepted and successful applicants will be notified no later then two weeks after our receipt of your application. At the time of acceptance confirmation of size of booth will be made and payment of space will be required.

Application Deadline: March 31, 2011

Location: Priddis Community Centre, Priddis, AB, approximately 25 min. southwest of Calgary on Hwy 22x.

Friday June 10th 4pm - 9pm
Saturday June 11th 9am - 5pm

1 -                   15’ x 10’ $175 each - inside

3 - 1                10' x 10’ $125 each - inside

3 -                   8' x 10' $100 each - inside

3 - 2                6' x 6' $  60 each - inside

1 -                   4’ x 5’   $40 each - inside

15 - 7              10’x10’  $50 each - outdoor spaces

1 -                    Gazebo  $90 each - outdoor space

There are a limited number of inside spaces, so we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible. For our outside vendors, you will be required to provide your own tent covering. We will do our best to accommodate each vendor’s request. Additional outdoor booths maybe be purchased if available but no changes to confirmed booths will be made the day of the event.

September 27, 2010

all about PRETTY! Antiques, Restyled Vintage & Artisan SALE!

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who ventured to Coaldale, for the "all about Pretty! sale. We really appreciate your support and we hope to see you all  in June for the next Vintage Chicks Spring Sale. We'll be posting more details soon.

Please visit all about Pretty! for pictures.

Laura & Pam
The Vintage Chicks

July 22, 2010

all about Pretty! sale & more Vintage Chicks Sale pictures

all about Pretty!
Antiques, Repurposed Vintage & Artisan Sale

5pm to 9pm Friday
10am to 4pm Saturday
September 10 & 11, 2010

1405 - 22Avenue
Coaldale, Alberta
Coaldale is just 10 minutes east of Lethbridge on Hwy# 3

just look for the pink flamingos

here's a pic from our sale last year,
look for the little pink house with lots of trees
and little boutiques set up around the yard

featuring some vendors from our Vintage Chicks Spring Faire
Frosted Furniture

Here's a few more pictures from our Spring Sale
 including the grand prize winner, Lacey.
thanks to our vendors & Sue for more pictures from the Priddis Sale

a sweet mini Vintage Chick!

all about Pretty! sale in September.

grand prize winner, Lacey

Laura & Pam
The Vintage Chicks