June 6, 2011

Meet the Vendors

Well it's almost here! Here's a few more vendors you'll see at the sale:


Joy has been an avid collector of antiques and collectibles since she was a teenager. Over the years, she has acquired many items with the dream of opening an antique store in her retirement but she thought “Why wait?” She's very excited about being a part of the Vintage Chicks sale, and to have the opportunity to offer you all the wonderful items she has found, researched and had collected over the years.

Her passion is not limited to one type of collectible or to any specific era, however, she finds herself drawn to the 1930’s, 40’s & 50’s. During these eras, the items which were produced were innovative for their time, practical, yet still pretty. She loves using vintage kitchenwares and is convinced her cooking and baking are better for it. Is it any wonder that you go into home stores now, and see a multitude of products that are made to replicate the vintage ones? Why use a replica, when the vintage ones have stood the test of time!

Make sure to pop in to her boutique booth where you'll find a great selection of dressers, end tables, china cabinets, kitchen chairs, armchairs, various styles of cabinets, and much more. Her furniture has been restored, refinished and repurposed for today’s lifestyles. In addition to furniture she has a great selection of vintage kitchenware, chandeliers, light fixtures, retro desk fans and beautiful serving dishes that will beautify your home and to beautify you she also has vintage aprons, hats, gloves, purses and cat eye glasses. Joy is a new vendor to our sale so make sure to pop in & say Hi, she'd love to meet you.

Here's some of the items Joy will have at the sale:










Susan - Hot Rocks

Susan is one of our local (Bragg Creek) artisans at this year's sale. She has always loved collecting interesting vintage objects, retro girly stuff and kitchen kitsch. She started making jewellery 5 years ago, and was immediately drawn to vintage glass beads, retro lucite beads and especially the stunning sparkly vintage Swarovski crystals! These are gorgeous little pieces of art from days gone by, hailing from countries known for their fabulous beads such as West Germany, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Japan and Austria. Her love of antiquing inspired her to add unique, small vintage treasures such as buttons, chandelier crystals, miniature perfume bottles, shoe buckles, vintage clasps and chains as well as old jewellery parts, into her creations. By combining various contemporary beads, artisan glass beads and semi-precious stones, with beautifully made old beads and interesting objects from the past, she creates vintage inspired designs with a modern edge. She loves to incorporate a little retro glam or a small piece of history into each of her pieces. Her jewellery designs have a story to tell!

Hot Rocks one of a kind jewellery designs, and are handcrafted by Susan. Check out her booth inside at the sale. Here's some pics of her gorgeous creations.


See you this weekend!!!

Laura & Pam
The Vintage Chicks


  1. Hi, just wondering what time the sale starts at as it's not listed. Thank you