June 4, 2010

9 more days - The Vintage Chicks Sale

Hi! My name is Vintage Valerie and I love everything associated with collecting antiques and vintage. I especially love the pursuit, discovering great finds, participating in and attending fabulous shows and meeting other enthusiasts who just can't seem to get enough of those beautiful gifts from the past. I am always on the lookout for the next great discovery! I am so blessed that my 30 year career has afforded me the lifestyle to fulfill my passion of hunting and gathering. When I retired it was only natural to open my dream Shoppe “Antiques on 9th” (Lethbridge, AB) which enables me to share my passion with other treasure hunters, and as I like to say “find good homes for my children”. I love it when I find that special item my client has been searching for; if I don’t have it in my Shoppe or storage good chance I have a connection to acquire it for them. I love & collect all styles from Country, Shabby, Victorian, to Retro & Modern so no matter what you’re looking for I may have it. So make sure to pop by and say Hi at the Vintage Chicks Show, my booth is outside and I would love to meet fellow hoarders, umm, I mean collectors.
Hi, I am a born & raised, blue jean wearing Albertan. I was born in Calgary & raised in a village east of here. I have always loved old things & had the vision or illness, however you look at it, to see a new use for these forgotten treasures, like my treasured wooden ironing board, reborn as a tv stand, when I was 18. My husband & 3 great kids have always humored me. I now have grandchildren, my sweet little man & our 2 new little angel girls, born 12 days apart. My family, kids & antiques, are my passions. I have been a collector for most of my life, selling my “antiquities” as I like to call them for many years. I believe everything old has a purpose. The hunt for these treasures is really exciting, sometimes to the dismay of my family. I like the natural patina of good old rust & wear. I can see the beauty in pieces that others may not & pass that on, with a little work & a good cleaning. A milk pail is never just a pail in my eyes, think magazine rack or guest towel holder, an old fence board & a door knob with rusty bolts is a great hat hanger, the sky's the limit! I enjoy sharing my pieces with others who can give them a new home & love them as I do. Put on your jeans & enjoy hunting through my treasures.


See you in 9 days!!!
Laura & Pam
The Vintage Chicks


  1. SIGH!!!!! Everything looks so darned awesome. Have lots of fun!!!

  2. I am going to miss it!!! OUCH!!!!!!!!!!
    I wish I could come..........