May 8, 2010

36 more days - The Vintage Chicks Sale


“Necessity is the mother of invention”… moving to our dream property as a young couple with 2 tiny babies was a dream come true. With hardly 2 pennies to rub together some days the necessity part of that saying became too real. A practical approach and a creative eye taught me to not only make due, but to share. Not having pretty things doesn’t have to be a part of a practical life. It is all in how you look at. Aged barn wood from the neighbors old shed, that tattered bit of fabric and a flower you grew yourself from one of grandmas divided perennials can be so precious. Lets call it Farmhouse glam!
From owning a retail store, to a successful wholesale business, I only do custom designs now. This allows me more time to be creative. Raising the meat we eat, our own dairy goats and a very large garden keeps me grounded. Being self sufficient is so rewarding. I am so looking forward to being a part of the first Vintage Chicks Fair so I can relish in the inspiration gained from precious finds and re-used treasures. After all……It’s this journey we are all on together. When life gets too serious I garden!

Dawn Kay
Keeper of the Farmhouse Garden

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