October 10, 2009

what a great day!

Well we did it, we set up for our very first Vintage Chicks sale and it looked so pretty if I do say so myself, regardless of the crazy Lethbridge wind. I'm a little late posting but right after the sale I had to head out to Portland for an art retreat which was fabulous! We're so excited about the big Priddis June 2010 show coming up fast, hope to see you there. We might have a spontaneous sale before Priddis and will post any details of upcoming sales here. Also we're looking for more vendors so if you know of any creative collectors/restylists/artists, please send them our way, merci.

and after a hard days work I made Pam a lovely dinner
secret recipe...


God bless,
Laura & Pam


  1. wow - just discovered this site...not even sure how I got here?! love what you got!
    How do I contact you? I'm north of Edmonton and loved some of the stuff in your pictures.


  2. Glad all went well for you girls! Wished I could have made it. Only in Cranbrook Lol Soon I am hoping too. Great stuff happening there.

  3. So glad I found your blogafter visiting your shop in Longview! I really enjoyed your store and your company! As promised, Here I am keeping in touch and The link to my blog about discovering "Wow and Then" Good luck and Happy NewYear!


  4. Love, love your site, concepts and photos! Wish I was closer to you geographically! I love Vintage, especially the pretties (jewelry)! I have marketed online for a couple of years now but have moved to artfire for the time being! If I ever to get to Alberta I'll be sure to make the trip to see you all!

  5. Loving all your STUFF! Wow..so glad I found your blog!!